Karma is a service that provides access to Threat Intelligence Feeds.

Karma Diagram

You can do queries and know in what feed an IP is listed.

This can help you to detect reputation problems and intrusion attempts.

If you detect that one of your IP addresses appears listed, this maybe is an indicator of compromise.

If you detect that a listed IP it's trying to reach you, maybe you are under attack.

Maybe? Yes, you must investigate each case to be sure.

The Problem of Being Listed

If one of your IPs is listed, maybe your systems are involved in malicious activities, like spam, phishing or malware distribution.

Also, this can be an error of the Feed provider.

In any case, you must investigate. Be inside Threat Intelligence Feeds can generate that your customers can't reach you, if they use a security technology that uses the feeds to block access.

The Problem of Receive Attacks

If you're receiving connections from IP addresses that are listed in Threat Intelligence Feeds, maybe you are under attack.

These IPs can be sent you malware, spam and any other threat, so, you must investigate the connections to be sure that all is fine.

How Karma Helps You?

Karma provides and easy API and Web UI to know if any of your IPs are listed, and to check if you're receiving connections from listed IPs.

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